I. Dig a hole

Dig a hole deep below your present location. Excavate layer upon layer of rocky crust, into the boiling soup of mantle, (smelter of lost cities and forger of precious gems) and emerge, finally, perhaps ten-thousand miles away and more than two hundred year’s travel earlier, to find yourself standing somewhere on the coast of Alta California. Men from bird-ships have been slowly arriving, more every year, venturing clumsily up the coast with deadly results for a people who look on with dreadful amazement at their colorful cloths, their tasty-looking beasts, and their wild apparatuses. Everywhere these newcomers decide to moor they cause tidal waves of hearsay that ripple into the valleys to the south, east, and north.

It is nighttime in the fog-covered mountains. Right around the time that dreams break free from their harness. Zalan, a young boy sleeping on a reed mat covered with a rabbit-skin blanket falls prey to another terrible, foreshadowing dream; it’s the kind of dream people on the verge of being discovered are getting of late. And all you can do is dust yourself off to better witness this particular one…

Next Chapter: https://aulintacruz.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/ii/


~ by Francisco Nieto on May 17, 2009.

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